Thursday, 26 April 2018

Another post-graduate course!

That's 5 post-graduate courses in 7 courses!!! lol

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

6 courses in 2 days

Just finished another Level 3 course and I'm well and truly cream crackered, so I'm gonna leave it there for studying today and just take a few surveys then have an early night.

5 courses in 2 days

Just finished the first of today's courses and I definitely feel that the more you progress through the levels, the more dull and boring the courses become!


Pup walked, supplements taken

Steve's legs were painful after getting them changed yesterday, so I took the pup for her walk then came home and took me supplements.

I can't walk the pup as far as Steve takes her so I just take her up and down to our neighbours either side 3 times when I take her out.

Mitzi wasn't interested in going for her walk first off, even when I called "walkies" to her, so I went to the living room door and showed her the lead and it was only then that she realised what was going to happen... she's a senior pup now who just seems to want to spend most of her day asleep, so maybe she's starting to feel stiff in her old age or something?  She's OK when she's moving, it's just the getting started that she's finding difficult.

Poor pup.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

4 courses in 1 day

I've already taken me prescription, so I'm just waiting for the two statements to appear so that I can add them to my navigation page, then I'll upload them and take a few surveys to get my head to wind down a bit then have an early night for a change  👌

3 courses in 1 day

Just finished me third course of the day... more interesting than the first two courses, thankfully, but why have OpenLearn put postgraduate course extracts on the advanced undergraduate courses?!

Still at 100% postgraduate today!

Just enrolled on my third course of the day and it's another postgraduate one!  Can't blame Steve for this choice of course though 'cos he wasn't here and didn't choose it - I did it purely at random meself!

2 courses in 1 day

Just finished me second course of the day... a Master's taster at that!!

Let's see if the third one is an undergraduate course instead of a postgraduate one!  lol

100% postgraduate so far today

Just started on my next Level 3 course and it's another post graduate one... this one says it's a Masters course extract!!

1 course in 1 day

Just finished my first advanced course... it was supposed to take 12 hours and only had 7 pages including the intro and learning outcomes so I've finished it already!

Doubt I'll study at post graduate level if all the courses are as dull as this one was though!  😕