Saturday, 22 July 2017

Money - I don't get it!

Just checked me bank balance and after next week's shopping has come out, I'll have £80 left over.

Add that to the £75 I've spent on Amazon and supplements and stuff makes £155 yeah?

Add on the £100 I've moved into B for the printer makes £255 yeah?

I can understand where the £55 has come from, cos that's been building up over the months at about a tenner a month.

I get £760 a month in benefits

Take off £330 for me bills leaves £430 yeah?

£100 a week times 4 weeks in a month is £400 yeah?

That leaves me with £30 that I was expecting.

Last month was tight so where has the £225 come from this month??

Even if I say we spent £105 a week on shopping, that still leaves me with an extra £200 for some reason!

So come on, readers of my blog... where has the extra £200 come from during July??

Friday, 21 July 2017

My morning supplement routine for the next 360 days

Calcium crunched up and swallowed first - not expecting any noticable effect from this one straight away, but it'll make my nails and teeth and bones healthier and stronger slowly but surely.

Iron next which I can swallow whole - not expecting a noticable effect straight away from this one either, but because I'm vegetarian and eat mostly frozen veg instead of fresh leafy veg, I'm not willing to take the risk of being short of it.

The multivitamin is the one I'm expecting to notice the difference from in less than a minute and because I haven't taken it for a couple of weeks, I'm hoping it'll be even sooner!

So, Calcium first then... as predicted, no immediate effect.  Not worried about that though, I never felt an immediate effect with it so wasn't expecting to this time either!

Iron - no immediate effect from that either, but wasn't expecting to.  It'll be the multi that'll have an immediate effect hopefully!

OK, so multi last.  I'll count the seconds between the time I swallow it until I start to feel it kicking in... 19 seconds - took a few seconds longer to swallow the multi than it did with the iron so it started breaking up but that was only 'cos my mouth had got used to not swallowing it immediately is all and it didn't totally break up, just detached a bit is all but it did that before too.

I love this combination because it works for me.  The multi with minerals is cheaper by a long way and it was more convenient to swallow one pill a day instead of three, but I don't need to fill my stomach with food before taking them and they don't make me feel sick for hours afterwards!

If you're looking for a good quality supplement supplier, I definitely recommend Simply Supplements!  If you want money off (10% I think but could be wrong) then just use my name (Amanda George) and email address ( when you're supplemented up and you've got them all in your basket, this is quoted from the site "You can do this either on the homepage or as you're buying from us. There is a link just above the voucher code box during checkout saying "Been referred by a friend?" et voila! Money off for both of us!

I was wrong about the referral discount on your first order using my details too... it's not 10% but double that and you get 20% off already great prices for your first order!  Go for it, I very much doubt you'll regret it!  😉

Supplements have just arrived, so...

I've waited for 5 days for them and oh boy have I been feeling it, but they've just arrived so I'm gonna take them then get on with me writing again!

If they are the same as the original ones I took, I'll be ready to go within literally seconds!  Yay!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

That's the PIP assessment done and dusted

Wasn't as bad as I was dreading, thankfully.  Certainly didn't need to be up at 3am because of nerves and anxiety and stuff!

Apparently he did Steve's PIP assessment too and Steve had to answer most of the questions because I just couldn't remember names or dates or what happened when or whatever.

I'll hear what the decision is in 3 to 4 weeks, so please keep me in your thoughts until then!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

That's me new phone and toothbrush heads delivered

Me new phone has just been delivered along with me electric toothbrush heads... just waiting for me supplements now!  Hope they come soon 'cos I'm really feeling the affect of not having a multi inside me!

The pup is getting groomed next Thursday

Apparently the last time she got groomed was January so she's well overdue but she hasn't needed it sooner than this!

I reckon her fur grows slower in hot weather and faster in cold... that's the only explanation I can come up with!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

That's my prescription requested

Hate using the phone 'cos I never know what to say, but my 2 repeat prescriptions will be delivered on Friday.

Gonna be a busy week this week... my supplements'll be here tomorrow, PIP bod on Thursday and my new smartphone and prescriptions on Friday!

I'll be able to relax on Saturday then hopefully meet up with C and H on Sunday, shopping on Monday then that's it.

The 3 supplements will be here tomorrow, and...

Had an email from Simply Supplements at 7.30am today to say the 3 supplements have been dispatched so they will be here tomorrow and the ones that make me feel sick are going this evening... just need to remember to order the 3 instead of the single one from now on!

It's cheaper to get the single one, but I'm not willing to feel sick after taking them and it's only £45 once a year so it's well worth it to me!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Just put the multi on Freegle and bought the original 3 I had

I was just fed up of feeling so sick every morning after taking it, so I bought the original 3 supplements that'll be here tomorrow or Wednesday... I know I can take those without eating a whole supermarket's food and drinking the entire supply of squash... it's frustrating that I'll be taking 3 supplements again, but better that than feeling sick every morning and spending a small fortune on ginger beer!

Review: Opal ring

This has just arrived and I love it!  I've got small hands and was worried that it'd be overbearing on my finger, but I was wrong!  It's beautiful and fits perfectly!

The ring in the picture shows silver coloured and the description says it's black which confused me but the ring is definitely black which really sets off the blue opals beautifully!

If you're looking for an opal ring and don't mind waiting for a couple of weeks (it comes from Singapore) for delivery, then get this ring!  You won't regret it!

At last!

Steve's just emptied the kitchen bin into the wheelie bin at last.

It was rotten and full of liquid as well as stinking so we've binned that too and we'll just use bin bags instead of me having to nag Steve to empty the bin each time it needs emptying.

I know that I can haul bin bags into the wheelie bin as long as they aren't bursting at the seams 'cos I do that every time it's full anyway... just need to remember to use bin bags instead of the bin now... the next few days will be weird while I get used to the space, but other than that everything will be fine, I'm sure  👍

Just taken me multi

Lined my stomach with 2 Twix's before taking it but it wasn't quite enough 'cos I feel sick now.

Not as badly as I do without anything in my stomach, but definitely there.

Gonna go back to taking the multi, iron and calcium 'cos I didn't need to line my stomach with those and the multi was working within seconds but this multi doesn't seem to affect me at all, other than making me feel sick.

Bit of a PITA but so much easier for my stomach.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Review: Trails and Trials by Maretha Botha

✱✱✱✱ out of 5

Just finished reading this and it's a good book that I enjoyed, but there are way too many characters names and descriptions to remember for an adult, let alone a tween.

I found it really confusing in parts and the faunalang was confusing as well as who the main character was... sorry Maretha!

That's why it's getting 4 stars instead of the full 5 from me... it's a good book but way too confusing and rushed towards the end.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

My main mobile is officially dead, so...

My main mobile has died on me so I've lost everything I had on it so don't know anyone's number or email address or anything like that now.   :bash:  If you're happy for me to have your number, just send me a quick text with your name in the message so that I can add you to my address book.

If you don't want me to contact you, that's totally cool, as of now I've got no way to know your number or anything so you won't hear from me unless you text me first   :happy0158:

My number hasn't changed, I just haven't got anything left on it any more   


It was the battery, so...

Steve's just put it into my phone and I'm just waiting for it to start again now!  lol

Just waiting for the light bulbs now!

Taken me multi and...

Just taken me multi and an A5 box has just come through the door, so hopefully that's my phone battery at last!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Multi taken again

I've just taken me multi... I definitely need to line my stomach before I take it!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Supplements definitely taken this morning

Forgot to eat before I took it so I now feel sick, but I've definitely taken it now!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Have I taken my multi this morning?

I genuinely can't remember.

I remember shaking it out of the bottle and I've got the taste of it in my mouth, but I don't feel sick so I really don't know!

Not going to take the risk of potentially taking double the amount of Vitamin D just in case I have taken it!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Review: Soul 7 Poetry 4 The Soul: "The Black Diaries" by Alisha (Eyce) Rylander

✱✱✱✱ out of 5

Started off slowly but it's an OK introduction to the authors life and how she believes the soul works.

I liked how God was mentioned without being shoved down my throat and she seemed to really get into the writing after a couple of pages.  The words that were capitalised so frequently got on my nerves - why not embolden the words or italicise them?

If you want a quick read and you're not sure if you like poetry or not, get this book and have a read!

Just taken me multi

Just done my usual morning routine of having me breakfast and taking me multi.

Feel a little bit sick, but not too bad thankfully.

Gonna watch The Bill at 10am then spend the day writing.

Monday, 10 July 2017

After almost 24 hours of being constantly charged...

My mobile has been constantly plugged in for 24 hours, I've temporarily moved the SIM card to my back-up mobile until I've got the new battery tomorrow or Wednesday.

Far from ideal but better than nothing!

Half an hour later and...

Took me multi less than half an hour ago and other than the first ickiness for about 5 minutes straight after taking it, everything is fine now!  No nausea, no tiredness, more motivation... it's not as obvious as the previous multi, but it's definitely there!

Yep, need to line my stomach first

Just taken my multi and ate a couple of flapjack bites just before I crunched it up.

I felt a bit iffy after taking it but I'm fine now so I do need to line my stomach just before taking it... doesn't need to be much, but it does need to be something.

So, I'm thinking, get a box of breakfast biscuits with the shopping each week, eat one of those then take the multi et voila!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Cashback sites

Are you willing to add a grand total of about 30 seconds and maybe 3 or 4 extra clicks to your online shopping to be able to get cashback in your bank account or vouchers to spend on eBay for almost free?

I am.

My mobile battery died on me overnight so I've just used 2,000 Nectar points on a new battery for the phone that will be with me on Tuesday or Wednesday.

How much did I actually end up paying?

Less than a fiver including delivery of £2.99!

It took an extra couple of clicks with my weekly shopping every week and I paid less than £5 for a new battery for my phone!

Unless you're in too much of a hurry to get things online (and it's happened to me a few times so I do understand) then that extra few clicks and seconds can make all the difference for things like this!

Taken me multi

Felt really sick again, so opened another can of ginger beer... maybe I need to eat just before I take this multi 'cos I was fine yesterday when I'd had me breakfast, but felt really sick this morning and didn't eat anything, so tomorrow I'm going to try eating something then taking the multi to see what happens.

The only way to find out for sure is to experiment!  😊

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Review: Declutter your mind by Sandy Quinn

✱✱✱✱ out of 5

This is a great little book!  The author has a knack of making me feel calmer and more relaxed just by reading her words.

It starts off with some background that wasn't really taken into the heart of the book and that's the only reason it gets four stars instead of the full five from me... starts with a gentle introduction to mindfulness then takes you through a gentle meditation.

I've never tried mindfulness, but this seems, to me, to be two mini books in one without really exploring anything in detail.  If you want a brief introduction to mindfulness and meditation then get this book, but if you are after something with more depth then you'll need to look for something else.

This is a great introduction, but definitely needs more research if you're interested in mindfulness and/or meditation... sorry!

Just taken me multi

It's 4.30am and I've been awake for an hour because it's so hot so decided to take the multi so that it doesn't keep me awake until the early hours tonight or whatever.

I'm pondering on getting a fan to go in the bedroom like we've got downstairs 'cos the one that's up here atm is nowhere near powerful enough!

Friday, 7 July 2017

PIP assessment

Got a letter calling me for a face-to-face assessment for PIP.

I really want to go, but because Patrick's tyres have a puncture I can't even leave the street in him right now.

Steve's phoning them to see if they can do a home visit for the assessment.

OK, so the appointment I got the letter for is cancelled and I'll be hearing from them in the next 10-14 days with a new appointment, either for a home visit or I'll have to go down into town and hope for the best.  😕

Taken me multi

The nausea was definitely my stomach getting used to a new multi.  I've just taken my third one and I'm fine today!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Insurance for Patrick

The insurance I was conned out of cost £133 every July.

I've just found another insurer that offers better cover for £87 a year!  It offers optional cover for puncture repair and for breakdown recovery I asked for included in the quote!

Gonna do a bit more research in case there is an even better policy out there, then I'll wait to see what happens at the end of July with the con artists, ready to take out the insurance at the start of August!

Just saved £133 a year

When I got Patrick I took out insurance too "just in case" (feel free to call me paranoid  😉).

I've spent the last 45ish minutes trying to find a phone number for them to ask if I could pay the premiums monthly instead of annually.

Can't find them anywhere now!

Looked in my bank statements for the name of the company.

Did my first search online for a phone number for them.

Couldn't find one, so I phoned my bank and they gave me the full name of the company.

Did another search.

Phoned 2 companies with the same name and they said they had had several other clients getting them confused with the company they were looking for.

Alarm bells started ringing.

Phoned my bank again and they put me through to another company who deals with stopping debit card transactions.

They were fantastic.

Stopped the scam company from taking any more payments and said that they may try and take the money still but I will be "immediately refunded if that happens"!

How awesome is that!

Means I've got to go back to finding a decent, trustworthy insurance company now who are happy for me to pay monthly instead of annually, but I'll be more careful this time!

PPI claim

Just had someone from Trusted Advisory Group on my mobile.  I explained that I was with another company looking into the mis-sold PPI on all my cards.

He said that was fine and that I could claim with a second company if I wanted to.

Dunno if that's legal or not, but if I can sign and date the forms and bung them in the post by Monday morning, he'll fast-track my claim so that I hear back within 8-12 weeks which ain't bad!

I've got nothing to loose but a few minutes of my time and could, potentially, get thousands back!

Barclaycard and my credit rating

Had a letter from Barclaycard saying that unless I phoned them and arranged to pay the minimum payment every month, they would put a default on my account.

I called them and said that I could pay a maximum of £100 a month, but no more.

They said that as I wasn't paying the minimum payment I'd still be defaulted.

I asked why that would happen if I was paying more than the minimum.

That got the woman in a fluster.

She did something on the system and said that I could pay the £100 a month and not get the default, but I had to be sure I could afford it.  I read out the list of my monthly outgoings and the money I get from benefits each month.  said it would leave me with pennies, literally.

She said I could still keep on paying the £75 but it would result in the default.

She's just been on the phone again and said that I could carry on paying the £75 a month and I would be defaulted, but it'd only be for a year then it would come off my credit record again.

I'm hopefully getting money back from mis-sold PPI anyway so if that happens, I'll be able to pay a chunk off the amount anyway but even if I don't, everything is back to normal again now. 

I don't like being falsely defaulted not once but twice (O2 were the first ones) but that's it now... it'll be a couple of years before a couple of cards are paid off, 5 years for Barclaycard and then that's it.  I'm never getting credit ever again.  It's just not worth it.

Gonna cancel Patrick's insurance too... I keep forgetting about the annual payments and I just can't afford it right now unfortunately.

Veggie ravioli for lunch today

Just had an early lunch of vegetable ravioli so that's me full for the day now.

Gonna try and write at least a couple of chapters today... really need to get back into it again!

Just taken me multi

I'm really impressed with the new multi.

My previous multi kept me going for 14ish hours, but the new one was still working when I woke up this morning.

Just taken my second new multi and it still made me nauseous, but not as bad as yesterday so it's definitely my stomach getting used to a new multi is all.

The only way they could improve it is to make the physical size of the tablets a lot smaller so that I can swallow them whole instead of crunching them up.

That's a minor point though... I'm even getting used to the smell so it really is just the size of them that they could improve!  If they were the same size as the previous multi they'd be perfik!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Review of my new multi - day 1

Other than the ickiness within minutes of taking the multi first thing, I've felt so much more awake and energised and motivated all day!

I've put another couple of bottles of ginger beer on next week's shopping order and I've got 6 cans that came with this week's shopping, so I've got enough to last me just while my body gets used to the new multi, but I definitely reccommend them!

Just taken the new multi

Wasn't as hard as the calcium to crunch up and didn't taste as bad as I was dreading so I'll keep taking them, just need to remember to have at least a quarter of a bottle of strong squash to take it with is all.

My body is sorta going "this is new, not sure if I like it or not" right now.  It's kinda kicking in like yesterday's multi did, but my stomach is going "has it got milk in it?"

Got a can of ginger beer open now, to try and settle my stomach... not giving up on it yet, if the multi works then I'll just buy cans or bottles of ginger beer with the shopping every week.  No big deal  😌

Wish me luck!

Just taken the pup for her walk and fed her so now it's supplements time!

It's my first time taking the gross-smelling multi and I'll have to crunch it up so I hope it doesn't taste as gross as it smells!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Just taken me last supplements

Just taken me last calcium and multi.

Put the new multi in my drawer ready to take tomorrow morning.

It still smells gross, we'll find out how it tastes tomorrow!

Monday, 3 July 2017

Review of: Inner peace calling

✱✱✱✱ out of five

This is a good book - not the best, but better than average and definitely worth a read!

It was a bit confusing in places and I could put it down then pick it up again which is a rare talent nowadays, but the author has a wonderful way with words that makes you want to keep reading.

It's more of a mini autobiography about how the author found his own inner peace which is OK if you like that sort of thing, but the books title doesn't really describe what it is... might have been better to call it something like "My inner peace was calling" or something?  There's no way to find your own inner peace or find ways to talk about finding your own inner peace, which is what I was expecting from the title.

That's why I'm giving it 4 stars instead of the full 5.

Just opened up the new multivitamin

The pills are slightly smaller than the calcium ones so I'll have to crunch them up and hope they don't taste to horrible crunched up.

If they do, I might have to give the new ones to Steve and find a whole new pot instead or take them with strong squash or food or something.

I'm not going to give up on them before I've even taken one in case I'm paranoid about them but they smell disgusting!

The machine gave me a £20 note, so...

Totally forgot to say about the machine giving me a £20 note instead of two tenners like I was hoping and nobody had any change on them, so Jackie (sp?) said to keep it until next time we have our hair done and pay the £20 then for both sets of hair cutting.

Soooo... I'm going to pay for the hair cutting from today and next time with the cash I got out of the machine today and Steve's going to send the money to his mum when we've got the vet food for the pup.

Supplements taken now

Just taken me last Iron.

Got one more dose of calcium and multi left of the original bottles then I'll be onto the new multi on Wednesday.  Hopefully they will be as effective as the current ones.

The new ones have got the iron and calcium already in them, so it'll be one pill every morning instead of three which can only be a good thing I reckon!  I hate taking pills, but I hate the grottiness I feel when I don't take them even more!

Done really well so far today!

I usually take me supplements first thing, but I didn't this morning and I've been able to walk and feed the pup like normal, walked to the end of the street, took some money out of the machine, that was on a slope, got me hair cut, came home and it's only now that I'm gonna take me supplements!

I've really felt not taking the multi today, but this morning was just too much of a rush to get the pup walked and fed then walk up to the end of the road.

Gonna take them now though... don't want to go for longer than necessary without them!

Sunday, 2 July 2017


Just had a shower and washed me hair in preparation for tomorrow when we're having our hair's cutted.

Gotta remember to take me bag and phones with me so that I can get cash out to pay for them again!

A tenner altogether is pretty good!

Gotta get another tenner out for the next bag of Mitzi food too... I just hope that the machine gives me 2 tenners instead of one twenty!

I was wrong

Just taken me supplements and there are 2 doses of my original multi and calcium left, not 1, except for the iron.  The reason I thought there was 1 left was 'cos they were playing hide and seek with me!  😃

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Feeling sick :-(

I usually take my supplements 3 or 4 hours before I have my lunch.

Took them at lunchtime today and had my lunch less than an hour later.

I'm thinking they need those few hours on an empty stomach and being late with everything this morning then having me lunch so soon after taking them has made my stomach go WTF and the nausea is how it's telling me off

Just taken me prescriptions too so I hope they stay down when I go up to bed!

Supplements taken now

A couple of hours later than usual, but I've taken them and the multi is kicking in slowly at last.

Walked and fed the pup but haven't taken me supplements yet.

Pinch and a punch
for the first of the month

and all that jazz!

Walked and fed the pup first thing, same as every day.

Andrew was already here when I went downstairs... I haven't seen my mum for almost 7 years but Steve sees his family more in one week than I've seen my mum since my dad's funeral 7 years ago!

Hardly fair is it!

Haven't taken me supplements yet 'cos Andrew is down there and I'm forced into spending hours on end up here again.  *sigh*

Friday, 30 June 2017

Supplements taken

Taken me supplements and now got 4 days left.

I've started the virus scan too and it looks a bit different to last week and seems to pick up from where it left off if you need to reboot which is a welcome addition!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Those extra 4 hours sleep

After going to bed at 3.30pm and waking up at 7.30am, I'm feeling a lot more awake and motivated and just wanna get on with the day!

Gonna take me supplements and then get on with the editing again!  Aiming for another 10 chapters and another really early night tonight - I think I deserve it after so many late nights recently!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Just taken me supplements

Taken me supplements now.

Got 6 doses left.

I just hope the new multi is as powerful as the 3 I've been taking up to now!

It's raining, it's pouring

It's raining, it's pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed
and bumped his head
and couldn't get up in the morning!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Just had my first taste of cafetierre coffee

Was stronger than I was thinking so had to use 2 sweeteners instead of my usual 1.

Not good.

Gonna try and remember to get a pack of chocochino only pods on Monday 'cos that's pay day for me.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Hair cutting on Monday

Steve's mum has just been on the phone and said that we are having our hair cut on Monday... feels like months since it was last done!  lol

Supplements taken, pup walked, poo cleared up

Just taken me supplements.  Got 7 doses left, then I'll start the new supplement next Wednesday.

Pup's been walked and fed and I cleared up her poo from the back yard too.

Think the recycling has been too, so I'll go and bring the green box in now too, then that's it until Steve goes to his appointment at lunchtime then Marie will come to help us put the shopping away tonight.

Groaner alert!

A nun who worked for a local home health care agency was out making her rounds when she ran out of gas. As luck would have it there was a station just down the street. She walked to the station to borrow a can with enough gas to start the car and drive to the station for a fill up.  The attendant regretfully told her that the only can he owned had just been loaned out, but if she would care to wait he was sure it would be back shortly.  Since the nun was on the way to see a patient she decided not to wait and walked back to her car. After looking through her car for something to carry to the station to fill with gas, she spotted a bedpan she was taking to the patient. Always resourceful, she carried it to the station, filled it with gasoline, and carried it back to her car.  As she was pouring the gas into the tank of her car two men walked by. One of them turned to the other and said: "Now that's what I call faith!"

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and I've got 9 doses left before starting on the new one so keep your eyes pealed on Wednesday 'cos that'll be the first morning of taking the new ones!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Supplements taken

Thought Andrew was coming over at 7.30am to watch the rugby with Steve but his little boy is ill so he hasn't.

Took me supplements at 7.15am though and feel so much more awake and motivated again.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Virus free for another week

The weekly virus scan has just finished, so I'll take me prescriptions, back up my hard drive then shut down, pack up me laptop and take it upstairs ready for tomorrow.

Prescription delivered and old meds taken

Me prescription was delivered and he took my old meds (before the change of dose of the AP) with him after a bit of an explanation so that's it sorted now.

Hate phoning for my prescription though, 'cos I never know what to say!  lol

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements, they haven't started kicking in yet though!  Might have to spray the B12 spray to top up the levels a bit quicker.

The weather out there was noticably cooler on the pup's walk this morning and the fan isn't on either which means Steve won't be so grumpy when he gets back from his appointment either.  Yay!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Just checked the back of the new multi

It's definitely got Calcium and Magnesium in it, which I'm short of because I'm allergic to dairy.

It's definitely got Iron in it which I need because I'm vegetarian.

It's definitely got Thiamin (vit B1) which is what I was short of when I was in hospital.

It's definitely got Folic acid (vit B9) in it, which was tested at the same time as B12 and I was short of both of them.

It's definitely got vit B12 in it which I'm short of.

It's also got vit D in it which I'm short of too.

It's full of all the vitamins and minerals that I could possibly be short of but they sound like they are big like the calcium pills.  That's fine, I just hope they don't taste too bad when I crunch them up!

That's me supplements taken

The multi is kicking in and I've got 10 doses left of taking 3 supplements a day, then I'll be onto the new ones and only taking one supplement a day!

I'm currently taking Iron, Calcium and the multi.

The new multi has Iron and Calcium in it as well as B1, B12 and B9 which are the ones that came back low on my blood tests, so I'll only need to take the multi every morning instead of the 3 pills.

I just hope the new ones are small so that I can swallow them whole like I currently do with the Iron and Multi, instead of being capsule shaped, like the Calcium, which are too big for me to swallow an I have to crunch up.

Either way is totally OK, as long as the new Multi doesn't taste too bad or chalky otherwise I'll be heaving!

A lot cooler out there this morning

After a few days that were too hot even for me, it's a better temperature this morning.

We've had the fan on maximum and still been too hot since the start of the week but today we've taken it down to the medium setting and it's the right temperature now for me but still too hot for Steve.

I like this sort of temperature and would be happy if it stayed like this permanently... any hotter and it'll just be unbearable again.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Just got back from taking the pup for her walk

I was happy with the normal length of her walk, but the pup kept walking and demanded we did 50% more!

It was cooler outside than it is here in the house so I was OK with that, as long as it's only occasionally instead of every day!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Just ordered my repeat prescription

I never know what to say but that's it done for another 4 weeks now!  👍

That's me supplements taken

Just taken me supplements again... the multi isn't kicking in yet, but I swallowed it seconds ago instead of minutes so I'm not expecting it too!  It's fast, not instant, after all!

It's so hot out there this morning, that...

Just got back from taking the pup for her walk and it's so hot out there that Mitzi wee'd and I spotted a wheelie bin blocking our path, so I brought her back in to move it.

By the time I got back to the house to get the pup again, her wee had totally dried up... I could barely see the outline of it!

If it's that hot at 7.45 in the morning, I dread to think how hot it'll be at lunchtime!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Supplements taken, pup walked and fed

Taken me supplements and they are kicking in quickly again... yay!

Walked and fed the pup too - it's still hot and polleny out there, but not quite as bad as yesterday thankfully.

Definitely helped to have a bottle of squash in the fridge to cool me down and take me supplements this morning... gonna try and remember to do that every day now!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Way too hot and polleny out there for my liking!

I usually love hot weather, but yesterday and today are too hot even for me!

The pollen levels are really affecting my hayfever too!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

That's me supplements taken.

I run out in exactly 2 weeks.

I've got a years supply of a different multi that has everything the three supplements give me in one pill... I just hope the new ones are as fast workers as my current ones!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Should have stayed down here at 3am!

Came down for a wee at 3am and was awake and motivated so should have stayed up, but I went back to bed instead.

I came down at 8.45am this morning and now I can't stop yawning, got no energy and no motivation  👎  Not even my supplements and the day's dose of oral spray have given me anything  😩

Pup walked, fed and watered

It's a lovely day out there!  Warm and sunny without being too hot!  The pup was a good girl and she's had the last of her bag of vet food, so she'll be having the Pooch & Mutt food again between tomorrow and Monday, inclusive, ready to go back to the vet food on Tuesday morning.

Supplements taken and virus scan started

Just taken me 3 supplements, cleared the cache in both browsers and started the virus scan... hopefully it'll be finished by just gone 9pm tonight so that I can turn off me laptop and head to bed instead of keeping it going all night when I don't need to.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

That's better than I was dreading!

Just had a call from WDC and I was thinking that they were going to ask me to increase my donation or something.

I was wrong.

They just wanted to make sure they had all the correct details about me and find out what made me support them and stuff!

No pleading.

No asking for money.

Just a five minute phone call to be sure they had everything right!

I like phone calls like that!  lol

Does it sound strange to say...

Does it sound strange to say that I know when my body needs more vitamin B12?

A couple of years ago I had a blood test that said I was really low in vit B12 and that's when I started to take my vitamins regularly.

Now I can sort of tell when I'm getting low in B12, even after taking the multi 'cos if I'm tired and I've got no energy or motivation and I can't stop yawning even after 10 hours sleep and taking my supplements, I squirt the B12 oral spray into me mouth and I'm wide awake again!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements... 6 hours later than usual but I was really feeling the effects of not taking them and they are kicking in now, so at least I'll get a few hours of benefit before bedtime then I'll go back to taking them first thing again as of tomorrow.

Now that I've taken them late, I know for sure how much they've been helping me and I'll get back into the routine of taking them first thing instead of after lunch now.

I'm just glad that I've found a combination that works for me!

Pasta, sauce and meatballs for lunch today


Steve's definitely losing his belly too which is great and he's almost got the portion sizes of pasta right too now!

Love and appreciate you Steve!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Supplements taken again

Took me supplements again and asked Steve if he's taken his prescription.

He said he had so I hope he's telling the truth!  He was prescribed it for a reason!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The shopping's just been and gone...

Within the hour time-slot that Steve booked yesterday.

There were a couple of substitutions, but nothing too bad, thankfully.

I'm gonna take me prescriptions, eat 3 pies and 2 cakes for me tea, then head to bed for an early night.

Warriner Secondary School in Bloxham

I can't remember if I've already asked this or not so wanted to ask (again?) before I forget.

I went to Warriner School in Bloxham, Oxfordshire, UK from the late 80's to the early 90's and loved my rural science lessons on the farm

I made some great friends who also enjoyed being on the farm.  Barry G and Jack H were in my year, Delia S and Yasmin G were in the year below me and there were another three friends a year below them.

If I've started the memories flowing and you think you know how to contact any of them, that'd be fantastic!  They knew me as Amanda J and it was back in the day where our uniform was brown.

I just want to get in touch with them all again is all to see how they're doing and if they still remember me and stuff.  I've never forgotten any of them.

Chickpea Dhal for lunch today

First ever taste of chickpeas and first experience of Dhal too.

The chickpeas were a sort of combination of the texture of marrowfat peas and the taste of garden peas.

The Dhal was the spiciest I could go to for a little while... nice and spicy with just a touch too much heat for me... I'll definitely have it again though, just next time with Naan bread to hopefully take away some of the heat of it.

We'll definitely be getting it again though, it was yummy!

4 stars out of 5 I reckon!

Supplements taken...

Pup walked, fed and watered.

Supplements taken.

Maths worked out.

Assuming the groceries don't come to more than I'm expecting, I'll be able to put an unexpected £50 into B on Monday!  Yay!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Sainsbury's again

Within an hour of getting the text, the voucher was in my account so tomorrow's shopping is now £93 instead of £113 and it's still free delivery 'cos the shopping was over £100 so Sainsbury's took it off the total instead of the basket amount... they're back to being my favourite supermarket again!

Just had a text from Sainsbury's

Apparently there was a technical hitch and today's order has been cancelled.

To give them credit though, they are going to issue me with a £20 voucher instead.  To be fair to them, they issue vouchers if the shopping is more expensive than the order you place with them, they issue vouchers if the delivery is delayed and they also give vouchers for technical issues too!

They aren't perfect by any means, but they are better than their two biggest competitors and we'll stick with them for the forseeable future too!

Rant about Sainsbury's

We have been regular customers of Sainsbury's for a couple of years now and yes, I realise that computer systems screw up occasionally, it's just annoying that nobody thought to check this morning and call us then!

They are usually good and they put the shopping in bags and take them through to the kitchen if we order stuff and Marie can't come over and help us for whatever reason, it's just frustrating that it sometimes happens is all!  *sigh*

Took me supplements this morning, but...

Took me supplements this morning, but forgot to post about it on here.

Just had Sainsbury's on the phone too but that's a whole new rant!  Grrr!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Taken me supplements

Just taken me supplements with the last bit of apple squash in the bottle.

Steve kindly filled up the other three bottles with berry squash, ready for tomorrow and the next day and the next... thank you Steve!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Considering it's not an occasion shop...

Just sorted out next week's shopping and it's £111 which is just under our Christmas/barbeque shops and it's just a weekly shop!  😲

It was pennies over £100 when Steve added his stuff and I've added 12 cans of J2O for meself at almost £3 for 6 as well as veggie stuff I can have for me lunch, a box of Malteasers and a box of Matchmakers but it's mostly Steve's stuff and most of that is cakes!

To be fair though, I did say to Steve that he could spend up to £179 so I'm not complaining, it'll just be a lot to get through in 7 days is all!  lol


Supplements taken, pup walked and fed, salmon oil delivered

Just taken me supplements and the multi is kicking in again.

Fed the pup with her Pooch & Mutt food 'cos she didn't eat the vet food for 36 hours and I had to hand feed her to encourage her, but she ate a quarter of the P&M food as soon as she heard me putting it in her bowl, so I'll feed her that tomorrow as well then back onto the vet food on Monday.

The P&M salmon oil was delivered just before I fed her too so I'll put that on her vet food on Monday to hopefully encourage her to eat it again.

I just want the pup to be OK!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Virus scan finished and salmon oil

Virus free for another week... just gotta do the backup now!

It also hit me that Pooch & Mutt do a salmon oil that I've just ordered from Amazon and it cost me £1.30 instead of £11.30 because of the £10 voucher I got for having a tracking app on my phone!

It'll be here tomorrow so I hope the pup likes it as much as the food!

Review: Shampoo and conditioner - 4 stars

I'm very picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner so didn't hold out much hope for such a cheap one.

I was wrong.

Used it for the first time and I'll be buying it again and again now!

I usually use the Avon shampoo and conditioner because it cleared up the grease and gave my hair a subtle shine.

That was until I bought the Sainsbury's apple shampoo and conditioner.  I love them both but they seem to have stopped selling the conditioner now for some reason!

The reason it's not getting the full 5 stars is that it's making my scalp itchy for some reason.  I reckon that's because my scalp isn't used to it yet though and hopefully it'll improve.

I'll definitely be getting it again though, I just hope they bring the conditioner back so that I can have hair that smells the same (apple) instead of a combination (apple shampoo and coconut conditioner).

We shall see I guess!

52% on the virus scan

Looking good for finishing by bed time!

Taken me supplements

Wasn't as easy to take them this morning as it was yesterday for some reason, but all three have been swallowed now so that's it until tomorrow morning  👍

Already started the weekly virus scan, so...

Just started my weekly virus scan which means, in theory, it'll be finished before bed time tonight!  Yay!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

That's me supplements taken

Forgot to take them yesterday so am really feeling the multi-vitamin rush again now!  😇

Forgot how quickly the multi got going and how good it made me feel within a couple of minutes of swallowing it!

Wanna try and remember to take them so that I get the rush every morning, feel more awake and living in HD instead of black and white.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Just got back from seeing C

Had to hold on to him both way's cos me legs just weren't strong enough to hold me up otherwise.

He took H's birthday gifts though and reminded me to phone Assured Mobility about coming up to the house to pump Patrick's tyres up... even said he would pay which was totally amazing 'cos I only get £8 spare at the end of every month... gotta find the courage to phone them now!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The pup's having oneheckuva dream!

Mitzi is fast asleep on the back of the sofa and she's running after something in her dream, bless her!

If I didn't have my music on while writing, I'm sure she'd be yapping in the dream too... she's well gone!

Taken me supplements

They went down really easily this morning!  Didn't even drink that much squash with them!

Gonna meet up with C tomorrow instead of today so hopefully I'll be able to write at least 4 chapters today before bedtime.

It was getting on for 9.30pm that I went to bed last night and woke up almost 13 hours later so haven't taken the pup out for her walk yet, but will do that soon and feed her too, bless 'er likkle heart!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Taken me supplements

Took all 3 of my supplements whilst watching The Bill and Steve said he'd taken his prescription too so we're both sorted until tomorrow morning now!

Sunday, 4 June 2017


Purely by accident I've worked out how to put a space between my blog posts and the author bit at the bottom... it was in the layout bit, then edit the blog post in there!

Took literally seconds once I'd found it!  lol

Taken me supplements

Almost forgot to put it on here though!


Simply Supplements have a new URL, look and referral link now

I still swear by Simply Supplements for me supplements but they've made it harder to find the link to get the 20% off now for some reason.

You still need my name (Amanda George) and email address ( but the URL is now

3 in 3 months *sigh*

There was another terror attack here in the UK again last night.

That's 3 in 3 months.

I'm keeping the families of the victims close in my heart today.

It's terrible that my little nephew is growing up with terror attacks in his childhood just like I did with the IRA.  Why can't things just be talked through instead of attacking innocent people who've got nothing to do with their cause??

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Me money again

I've just worked out that I'll only need £3 from my next payday to break even this month then and it's only the start of the month!

Means I can spend £105 a week on the groceries and still leave enough to cover my direct debit as well as a tenner into B every week too.

So proud of myself!

Taken me supplements now, so...

Just taken me supplements so I can spend the rest of the day writing now... I'll do the 2 form signings when I've heard back from the company I emailed yesterday or Thursday or whenever it was.

Busy morning so far!

Walked and fed the pup
Backed up my hard drive
Checked Facebook
PM'd a great friend
Checked my email
about to take me supplements then I've got to sign and post a couple of things and write another 4 chapters before I head to bed tonight!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Virus scan finished already!

Only took 12 hours this week!

Gonna do my weekly back up now then turn my likkle laptop off and head to bed.

Nite nite orl!

72% done and prescriptions taken

Done 10% of the virus scan since I last checked and I've taken the right pills in the right order this evening instead of like I almost did by mistake this morning!

62% done

It's almost 5.15pm and the virus scan is 62% done so maybe it'll be finished before I go to bed tonight?!

Just taken me supplements but...

Just taken me 3 supplements but almost took my prescriptions instead!

I got as far as taking the AD out of the box then it suddenly hit me that they weren't tubs then it clicked that I was about to take my prescriptions 10 hours early.

Put the blister pack back into the box, closed the box, put it in the bag and back into the drawer.

Got my supplements and took those instead.

The multi is kicking in and I'm awake now, with my energy levels starting to increase too.

Just glad I didn't pop the AD out of the blister pack is all!

Blimey it's hot out there this morning!

Just taken the pup for her morning walk.

Was just right before we went out but now I'm sweating 😅 and I never sweat!!

That's the virus scan started

Just started me weekly virus scan so it'll be done by this time tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Just got a £10 Amazon voucher for...

I signed up with a tracking app about a month ago and I've just got a £10 Amazon voucher from them that lasts until 2027 so I'm gonna save it up along with any other vouchers I get for our anniversary or my birthday or Yule or anything else and be able to get something big off one of my Amazon wishlists without it costing me a penny!

I'll either get 50 chocochino pods or save it up for more food for the pup when she comes off the vet food or something like that... was going to get a new smartphone or digital camcorder but they are nice to have when I've paid off all 3 of my credit cards and they can definitely wait for a while so I'm thinking I'll get several small things rather than one big thing.

Just taken me supplements and, as predicted...

Just taken me three supplements and, as predicted, they have already kicked in within seconds.

Took the calcium and put the tub back in the drawer.
Took the iron and put that back in the drawer too.
Took the multi and by the time I'd put it back in the drawer I wasn't tired any more.

Fired up blogger and did 3 crits on SCBWI then came and made this post... I've already achieved more in the last ten minutes than I did all day until 5pm yesterday!

Gonna close the drawer, watch The Bill then get on with me writing!  Can't wait to see how the new single supplement affects me instead of the three that I currently take!

They even do a multi-vitamin for cats and dogs!!

If you want 20% off your first order, use the "referred by a friend" link on the first page, put my name (Amanda George) and email address ( et voila!  I swear by Simply Supplements now 'cos they offer such good value for money (the multi costs less than a tenner a year for example), and they provide supplements for everything you could possibly need as well as being able to see at a glance who they are suitable for (vegetarian, gluten free, fish free etc etc) before you even click on the link for that supplement!

So tired this morning!

Hopefully taking me supplements will wake me up like they did yesterday morning.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Got a whole new look now

Just done a bit of messing around on my blog and changed the fonts and backgrounds and colours and pretty much everything!

What do you reckon to the new look?

That's better!

Worked out how to increase the text size so I've given my blog another new look now as well!

Might want another re-design soon... whole new look and graphics and fonts and stuff!  👍

Taken me supplements but the squash wasn't strong enough

The hubby filled up my water bottles with squash last night or this morning or whenever it was.

He said at the time that it wouldn't be as strong as usual.  That would have been fine if I could taste the squash at all.

But I couldn't, all I could taste was metallic water!  👎

Going to keep drinking it to stay hydrated and stuff, but I definitely prefer stronger squash to block out the metallic taste!

Wanna work out how to change the text size too to be the size I type in... gotta try and work it out before I forget though!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Taken me supplements

The multi is kicking in already again.


Dunno the science, but I was wiped out and cream crackered and couldn't stop yawning before I took it, but since I swallowed it everything is back to being awake and in HD again!

No idea if it's for real or a psychological/psycosomatic thing or whatever, but I'm happy with taking them and I'll keep believing the multi is a fast worker too!

If you want a great suppliment supplier and want 20% off your first order, go to Simply Supplements, click on the "referred by a friend" link, bung my name (Amanda George) into the box and my email address ( on the next page, et voila!  We get 20% off already great prices each and they offer an auto dispatch service too, I haven't tried that though! 😀  If you try it, let me know what you think?  Please?  👌

Monday, 29 May 2017

Shopping's been and gone now

That's full cupboards, fridge and 2 freezers for the next 7 days now!

Marie couldn't come over and neither could M so we put it all away together even when it's a big shop like today!

Just taken me supplements again

I've got one bottle of squash and two bottles of pop left to drink before the shopping comes tonight so I'm thinking I'll go and get meself a bottle of pop now  👌

Sunday, 28 May 2017

That's me supplements taken

Just taken me supplements but the multi-vitamin hasn't kicked in yet so might spray a couple of doses of my B12 oral spray to see if that helps.

I'm hoping to write 4 chapters today which, in theory, will take me 8 hours if it's anything like last night... it's the getting started that's the problem though!  👎

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Almost 7pm

Just taken me pills and had 2 mugs of hot chocolate so I'm heading to bed for an early night.

Nite orl!

Definitely Summer now

It was so hot last night that I put the fan on in the bedroom for the first time this year.

Didn't get under the duvet either.

Left it on up there when I came downstairs.

Hot and humid outside when I took the pup for her walk too.

Fan is on down here too.

Been drinking a litre of squash and it's only 10.20am so far!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Me internection died on me so I asked Steve for his help

Spent 15 minutes trying to get the connection back until the hubby came home.

Asked for his help, he stopped the virus scan and rebooted... I could have done that when the connection first died!  lol

Just restarted the virus scan so it'll still be going at bed time.  Ho hum.  🙆

Ah well, not to worry

Me prescription has just arrived and Steve's gone for his appointment

Me prescription has just been delivered and Steve's gone to get his legs changed so the minute he comes back I can get on with my day... gotta remember to leave my laptop on tonight for the virus scan to work its magic though.

I was wrong

It's 20 months, not 18 until I've paid off one of my credit cards... woops!

That's still not so bad though, I'm counting the months instead of years now!

18 months

In theory, I'll have totally paid off my SB credit card in 18 months.

That saves me £50 a month so I'll put £25 extra onto CO to take it up to £50 a month and the other £25 will be for BC to take it up to £100 a month.

I'm wondering if I should just add the extra into B though, to help me to save for a rainy day or whatever.

Either way, I'll have totally paid off my first credit card in 18 months which leaves me with 2 left to pay off then I'm totally out of debt and I'll just be donating to charity and paying for insurance and SCBWI and Namehog after that... things that don't affect my credit score.

I'm never ever getting another credit or store card again, it's not worth the hassle.  👌

If I want something but can't afford it then tough!  😊

The pup has her food now, so I'm just waiting for my prescription now

As soon as my prescriptions have been delivered, I can relax and have another early night.  Got enough to last until Tuesday so it's not urgent yet, but when I phoned up for the repeat on Tuesday they said it'd be with me today so I hope they're right!

Done my adding up while I remembered

£193 to come out between now and the 15th June
I've got £300 already saved up to cover them, leaves me with  £107
Plus £230 week after next is £337 yeah?
Shopping on 5th June takes it down to £230 for easy maths.
Take off £129 for the rest of me June bills leaves me with £100 yeah?
Shopping on 12th June leaves me with pennies again.

Etc etc

Is my maths near enough right this time please?

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken, virus scan started

Absolutely exhausted but it's going to be a busy day today so I've gotta stay awake.

It was the virus scan that was happening today that I forgot yesterday.  My prescriptions, hopefully Mitzi's vet food and starting the virus scan was what I was trying to remember.

Gotta try and do a few sums this morning... the shopping on Monday will leave me with 41p in my account and I've got £300 ready for June's bills, but I don't need the full £300 on the 15th, some of them don't come out until the end of the month so I'll need to do some adding up to see how much comes out on the 15th then I can move the other however much into B and I'll be paid again before the end of June bills come out.

You watch me forget!  lol

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Today's lunch was...

...a big bowl of cheese ravioli.  Yumsk.

That's the pup walked and me supplements taken

Took the pup out for her walk this morning then came home and fed her.  Normal morning routine for us.

Just taken me supplements too, won't be long before I'm on the new Simply Supplements pills judging by how many were left in the bottom of each bottle!

Had a message overnight about someone interested in taking the pup for an extra walk once a week... can't work out how to reply though!  😟

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Friday is gonna be a busy day!

Other than the usual stuff, I'm getting my prescriptions delivered, Mitzi is prolly getting her vet food brought over and there's something else that I've already forgotten.

Gotta love the brain damage!  😕

Mitzi and me supplements

Woke up.

Came downstairs.

Put the pup's harness on her and took her for her walk.

Came home.

Put her food in her bowl.

Realised I hadn't taken her harness off.

Sat at the bottom of the stairs.

Took it off.

The pup went into the kitchen and ate her breakfast.

I came in here and took me supplements.

Almost threw up.

It was only the squash though, thankfully, so I swallowed it again and booted up my laptop.

I asked Steve to ask his family to get more vet food for the pup at the end of last week.

She's now completely out of it and he still hasn't asked them.

Thankfully she's still got most of the bag of Pooch and Mutt food left so she won't starve but it's always the same... I ask Steve to do something with several days notice and he still doesn't do it. 

This is his final chance.

If he doesn't phone his family by lunchtime I'll phone them myself and stop asking him to do it.

I give up!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Taken me supplements too

They were hard to swallow this morning though  😕

It's done for another 24 hours though, I just hope my prescriptions are easier to take this evening!

Hate making that phone call every month!

Hate phoning the pharmacy, not because they are rude or hard to talk to or anything, but because I never know what to say!

Ordered my prescription now though and it'll be delivered on Friday so I can breathe a relieved sigh for another 4 weeks now.

Need to remember to give them the unused pills that I had left over from the prescription review a couple of months ago though... you watch me forget!  lol

Manchester suicide bombing emergency number

Manchester explosion emergency phone number: 0161 856 9400

Everyone in Manchester is close in my heart this morning

Manchester suicide bombing coward

I woke up to the news that a suicide bomber had struck overnight who killed people coming out of a concert.

I grew up with IRA bombings and we had decades of peace.

The UK pulled together and looked after each other back then and we'll do the same again now.

The UK is a strong country who will not be broken by cowardly terrorists.  If anything, terrorism makes us stronger.

Monday, 22 May 2017

That's the shopping been and gone

Only caused a mini argument this time between him and me.

He asked why I'd taken my stuff off the shopping.

I said I couldn't afford both lots so I took mine off.

He asked why I didn't tell him.

I did. 

He lent me £1.

If I had to borrow money just for his stuff, how in the heck was I supposed to afford my own stuff as well?!

Means that for the next 7 days I've got no food or drink in the house, other than tap water and 1.5 bottles of squash, left over from last week's shopping.

I'm impressed that he noticed I hadn't ordered anything for myself though!  👍  He doesn't usually!  😃

Taken the pup for her walk and taken me supplements

The pup didn't want to go out first thing... she was fast asleep on the back of the sofa and I didn't want to disturb her, so I waited until she woke up to take her out.

When we got home, I fed and watered her then booted up my laptop and took me supplements.

Marie can't come over to help with the shopping today 'cos she's in London this week and it's all Steve's stuff on the shopping, not a single thing of mine but I'm still expected to pay for it all!


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Glad I've got an Equifax account!

Just checked me credit score from Equifax and apparently I've defaulted on an O2 contract that I cancelled within days of getting it.

My credit report noted that I'd cancelled the contract and that I'd paid it last month and defaulted on it this month.

I've just phoned Equifax and within 8 minutes it was sorted. 

The lady I spoke to said she'd put a flag saying that I was disputing it and could take anything up to 21 days to hear back from O2 then they would email me with the result.

I just hope that O2 check their records and see that I cancelled it in less than a week and the person I spoke to said they wouldn't be taking any more payments.

So why have they put a defaulted flag on my credit score when I've never even had the sim card, it's on my credit record as being cancelled the month that it started, it was paid last month even though the account was supposed to be cancelled mid-March so why have I suddenly defaulted??

Hopefully it'll be sorted by the middle of June!

Taken me supplements, no viruses and backed up again now

The 3 supplements were taken and within minutes the multi kicked in.

The virus scan was clear again but when I tried to create a folder on my back-up device, it wouldn't let me use numbers for some reason.

Steve suggested rebooting, which I did, et voila!

Steve's gone to the post box now to post 3 letters and he's going to be asleep for the rest of the day, but he deserves it!

He's just got back... he did it!  So totally awesome!  WTG Steve!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

39% now

The progress bar won't progress soon and I'm going to have an early night tonight... too wiped out to have a late night, need to get back into the habit of going to bed early again!  lol

12% done in an hour and a half

Not bad going, eh?

If it's anything like last week it'll hit about 40% and the progress bar won't move because it's scanning all my emails and PSP tubes!  lol

6% done already

Set the virus scan going about half an hour or so ago.

It's already done 6%.

Hopefully that means it'll be finished by bed time, no guarantees though.  I usually set it going after I've had me lunch on a Friday and it's sorted by the time I come down on Saturday morning so hopefully it'll finish by the time I go to bed tonight because I set it going 4 hours before I usually set it off so, in theory, it'll finish 4 hours earlier than usual too!

Gotta remember to do my back-up when it's finished too... I'll prolly forget that too though!  lol

The taste never gets better!

Me an' 'im are registered to vote by post.

I've just voted and sealed both envelopes.


The taste of the lickey seal bit never gets any better!


Taken me supplements and...

Just taken my 3 supplements and I've got to remember to clear the cache on both browsers and set the virus scan going... you watch me forget!  lol

Friday, 19 May 2017

Forgot to do the weekly virus scan today :-(

Usually set it going after I've had me lunch, but Steve didn't get home until about 2.30pm so that wiped out my routine.

Gonna set it going as soon as I come down here tomorrow though!  lol

Review of Andy Cars in Gloucester

We've been using them for months.

They were so late for me every time I used them... needed to book the taxi for half an hour before the appointment time and I got there just in time for my appointment.  It's less than a five minute journey from our little house to my GP but it took them twenty minutes to pick me up and take me five minutes down the road.

What's even worse though, is that they have just refused to pick Steve up any more because of his size (he's clinically obese) making it hard for them to drive or something.

When Andy Cars told Steve that, he went back in to his GP surgery and asked if they had any other numbers for taxi's.

They had the number for Associated Taxi's and they were brilliant apparently.

As Steve said as soon as I saw the taxi pull up outside the house:  "Andy Cars are c**ts!"

They've lost 2 customers with us and a regular £20 a week just from Steve.

If you're in Gloucestershire, avoid Andy Cars like the plague and hope that the company goes bust soon!

Star rating from us now?  Zero out of five!

I've never used Associated Taxi's so can't give them a review yet, but it sounds like they are so much better than Andy Cars going by what Steve said!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Me PPC has just turned up too

Just got a three month one that'll take me until the beginning of September, I'll have enough in my B account by then to cover a 12 month PPC which is £104 so I'll definitely be able to afford it and still have enough to cover my SCBWI renewal in August 'cos I've already got £70 in there, plus the £10 S/O tomorrow gives me enough to easily cover the SCBWI membership and be well on my way to affording the PPC too.

August to November are expensive months because I've got my SCBWI membership in August that costs $80, then the PPC in September which is £104 and two birthdays in October!

Expensive but worth it and they are only once a year so I'll pay then forget it and concentrate on putting £10 into B every week.  Expensive but doable.

Me supplements have just arrived. Yay!

Me supplements have just arrived and the bottles are as huge as the calcium bottles... don't know how they are going to fit 180 pills into each of them unless they are small pills... they don't sound small though!

I've got good reason to finish off my three supplements now though... I'll just take one a day instead of three!

I really don't like taking pills but if the new ones are as bit of the calcium ones, I'll have to crunch them up and hope they don't taste too bad!

Taken me supplements again

I really feel the difference when I forget to take me supplements and then within minutes of taking them I'm good to go again!

My Simply Supplements order should be delivered today hopefully and they did take Monday as the dispatch day which is totally OK by me, just wish they'd said that on the dispatch email or on the site or something!  They are a fantastic company other than that though!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Just taken me supplements

It's taken me all day to remember, but I've taken them now.

Hopefully my new vitamins and minerals will turn up tomorrow... I'm guessing that they counted Monday as the dispatch day because that was the first working day after I'd ordered it, so it'll be three days tomorrow, just need to be sure of which speed I chose when I ordered them... I'm pretty sure it was the 2-3 working days which means that it'll be here with the post tomorrow but if it's 5 working days, it'll be Monday!  lol

Just had my first taste of...

Just had me first taste of a nectarine and if it had been sweeter then it'd have been OK, but like the peaches, it just wasn't sweet enough!  Way too sharp and sour for my liking!

Sainsbury's sweet and juicy peaches

I started drooling when I added these to the shopping last week.

Couldn't wait to try them on Tuesday but the brain damage made me forget they were there until bed time.

I've got a very sweet tooth and love juicy things.  It's been literally years since I had a peach so wanted to try them again.

Bit into the first one and yes, it was very juicy but also very sour.  I hate sour things!  Yuck!

What a waste of money!

Going to try the nectarines for lunch, but if they taste horrible too then I'll stick to apples and banana's from now on!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mineral water versus tap water

I used to live in Oxfordshire.
I now live in Gloucestershire.

I've always enjoyed the pure taste of water and couldn't tell the difference in taste between tap water and mineral water when I was in Oxfordshire.

Noticed the difference this morning though!

Opened up a multi-pack of Sainsbury's still Scottish mountain water.

It just tastes so much cleaner!  So much fresher!  More natural!  Like with table salt and sea salt?  I didn't used to be able to tell the difference between those either, but since reducing the dose of my AP everything has more of a taste difference now!

I tried Glaceau vitamin water recently but it didn't taste much different from strong squash and it was pretty expensive for such a small bottle (£1.55 for 500ml) but after tasting the difference in the mineral water, I might give it one last chance.

Got the cherries and berries squash in the water now... yumsk!

If you're in the UK, give the water a try... get someone to give you a glass of tap water and a glass of the mountain water to see if you can tell the difference too?

Won't need to get any paracetamol with next week's shopping, because...

Just taken two halves of a paracetamol caplets without crunching them up so that left one in the box.

Steve said there were another four full boxes in the kitchen so I brought one in for him and left the other three boxes out there.

Won't need to get any more paracetamol for the rest of May now!  lol  Steve usually adds one a week out of habit or whatever, so if I see any more on next week's shopping, I'll take them off before we have enough to stock our own chemist shop!  lol

If I ask...

If I ask if I've taken my supplements today, please tell me I have.

Either today or tomorrow my Simply Supplements order will turn up and I'll only need to take one pill instead of 3 when I've finished my current supplements.

If you want or need any supplements, definitely go to Simply Supplements - they are a fantastic company and if you use my name (Amanda George) and email address ( you get 20% off your first order too!

Go on, you know you want to!  👍

Monday, 15 May 2017

That's a bit good then!

Just phoned CO and SB to see what my outstanding balance is on them.

I'll have totally paid off one of them in 20 months and the other one is about a third of BC which'll take about 5 years to pay off but when I've paid off CO next year, I'll be able to move the £50 over to SB to pay it off even quicker.

I can so do this!

Next year is an expensive Namehog year, but I'll hopefully have enough in B to cover it by the time it needs paying... I just hope that I get PIP as well as ESA so that I can keep on top of my bills and stuff.

Knew he wouldn't take it!

Steve promised me last night that he'd take my PIP form to the post box when  he went out this morning.

He hasn't.

I just hope Marie doesn't mind taking it if she comes over instead of M tonight... bet he won't even ask her though.  He's my carer but does bugger all to deserve that title.


Just had me salted caramel almond ice cream

It was frozen solid to start with so I put the lid on and put it on the floor for a couple of minutes then scoffed the lot!  lol


Sunday, 14 May 2017

The red team in Formula 1... Ferrari??

When Kimi Rikikikonen crashed out the camera showed a small child in floods of uncontrollable tears.

Fair do's to the red team, they got the kid and his family into the pit lane and meeting Kimi and the mechanics and stuff and just really made a fuss of the kid.  They are a multi-million pound, huge, famous formula 1 team but they seem to really be grateful to their young fans which is so totally awesome and makes me love the red team almost as much as I love Rikikikonen!

Like Steve said when I told him, it costs them five minutes to do something like that, but will give them so many more fans for genuinely caring and being grateful for their fans who spend hundreds or even thousands to go to just one race.  The red team didn't lose anything but have potentially gained millions more fans around the world just for taking five minutes out of the day to comfort a young fan!

Happy mother's day, right?


Link to download AVG

You can get AVG anti-virus and anti-malware for free here but I definitely recommend paying for it if you can... it's so worth it!  It's under £70 a year right now, which is the same as the Amazon Prime thing, but you get so much peace of mind and protection for that and you don't need to get any other security software if you use Windows 10 because there's a Firewall you can turn on for free or download Zone Alarm Pro for less than $25 a year instead if you don't want to use the Windows firewall.

I know I've been telling you to spend money in this post and the previous one, but security and peace of mind with AVG and Zone Alarm is worth it I reckon!

Me supplements have been dispatched

Just seen the email from Simply Supplements to say they've dispatched me multi so it'll be here by Wednesday... not bad going considering I ordered them on a weekend evening and they dispatched the order less than 24 hours later!

If you're after a quick, honest, reliable supplement supplier and you want 20% off  your first order, go here, click on the "referred by a friend" link, put my name (Amanda George) in the box, hit the button, put my email address ( in the box and you'll save yourself 20% on your first order!

You can get loyalty points on the Simply Supplements site as well as discounts if you sign up to their newsletter and if you're with Quidco, Top Cashback or Lady Cashback you get points on every order by going through the cashback site of your choice first!  Quidco is my cashback site of choice and my £160 earnt since I joined half way through 2014!

If  you're a regular Amazon customer, do yourself a big favour and sign up to Lady Cashback and then get Prime membership.  Prime is available for one person per address, but you can nominate other people in the same house to get Prime delivery too.

I know it may seem like I'm getting you to spend money, but I wouldn't even link to the sites let alone recommend them if I didn't like what they do!

Just an extra couple of clicks ahead of going to Amazon or Argos or Simply Supplements or Just Eat or Interflora and loads of others means that you get cashback and takes only an extra couple of minutes, if that!

Same with Nectar... if you shop for your groceries in Sainsbury's and do a lot of searches online, get thee a Nectar card and get the app in your browser - 2 searches in the app is one free point and you just made an extra couple of clicks!

Going back to Amazon, if you suffer from insomnia or aren't tired any more by the time you get into bed, get yourself a Kindle Fire tablet to have a bit of a play with while your body relaxes enough for you to sleep.  If you prefer to read instead of surf, invest in a Kindle e-reader as well - I've got both upstairs and wouldn't be without either of them now!

Amazon have got a bundle of Kindle stuff available too if you want to get everything you need for your new e-reader - the bundle has the Kindle, a case and a mains adaptor thing for under £150 which is a saving of over a tenner if you bought the things individually!

OK, OK, shutting up now!  lol

AVG has just protected me again

Just tried clicking on a link in an email.

AVG blocked the site and quarantined the threat.

Without AVG working its magic for me, I would have been infected again!

Can't remember how much it costs, but even protecting me once is worth everything to me but this is at least the second time this year that it's protected me so it's got my custom for a very long time to come!

Only took the pup on half a walk today, because...

I usually take the pup either 5 times or twice up and down the street, depending on where we go.

Today we only went half way because she poo'd and by the time I'd cleared it up I was visibly shaking and there's no way I was stable enough to do it again.

If Steve takes the PIP form to the post box then I'll walk her up to the end of the street with him, like I did last time... my legs just couldn't cope with the rest of the walk this morning though.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

That's everything bought now

Bought the multi-vitamin and 2 gifts, still got £43 left to come out of my account on Monday but everything is bought now and still got £112 left for the shopping too.

My PIP form has just arrived too so I'll print out my answers and tape them to the pages then that's done and dusted too while I'm waiting for me lunch to cook.

I was dreading the form not arriving until a couple of days before my month is up on the 22nd but Steve only phoned them on Monday so that's good going by the benefits agency!

I'm glad I write everything down in me blog!

The thing I'd forgotten was getting the supplements which is only £15.70 and I've got just under £60 still to come out on Monday so I'll be able to either spend £120 on the shopping, or put the extra £20 into B... that means that I'm already putting £80 into B every month which is a bonus I wasn't expecting!

Virus free and backed up for another week

The virus and malware scan had finished by the time I came downstairs, so I set the back-up going while I took the pup on her walk and it's just finished so that's it for another week now  👌

Took the pup on the new walk this morning and she was fine all the way through it, so her reluctance was boredom more than pain or whatever.  Worked out while we were on her walk that each length is 1¹/₄ lengths of her previous walk, so twice up and down is equal to 5 times up and down of the previous walk.

The pup was happy to go further today but I didn't want to risk it.

Already taken me supplements as well and am having some mini meringues for me breakfast.  Gotta work out how much more will come out of my bank account on Monday just to be sure I've got £100 in there for the shopping, the money for the PPC has already come out and I was waiting for something else but can't remember what that was now!  👎  I'll have to go back and read yesterday's blog posts to remind me 😃  lol

Gotta love how the brain damage affects my memory!  😞

Friday, 12 May 2017

Just seen the email from Simply Supplements

I emailed Simply Supplements a couple of questions about the Multi-vitamin and mineral thing that I'm going to get on Monday for definite now.

My 2 questions were:

First off, the drop down box says they are tablets but one of the reviews says they are capsules - which are they please?

Secondly, the 360 pills and the 120 pills have a different image - I'm going to hopefully get the 360 pills on Monday, but do they come in a box or bottle please?

Their answer to the first question was that they are tablets and the answer to the second question was that the images are different because the 120 pills come in a blister pack in a box whereas the 360 pills come in 2 pots of 180 pills each.

That totally sold me and I'll definitely be getting that multi-vit for £15.70 instead of the 3 pots that I'm currently taking costing £40.

I love Simply Supplements and I can't recommend them highly enough!

Just done a major clear-up of my corner

Totally filled a black bin bag mainly with empty viva-dog boxes that had things for Mitzi in them in search of her most recent box that was full of treats.

That's disappeared somewhere but I've got 2 half packets of Kong treats, a small box of Christmas doggy chocolates, 4 mini treat sticks and a vacuum sealed bag of 2 huge chicken fillets.

Steve's under strict instructions to use up the Kong biscuits first because they are already open, then the chocolate because that's open too, then the sticks because they are individually packed and lastly the chicken fillets because they are so big and are vacuum sealed so can't be put back in anything other than the big blue box that her treats had been in until about 15 minutes ago.

Dunno where the April box of treats disappeared to though!  Still, she's got enough to keep her going as long as Steve only treats her when she goes out for a poo instead of every time she goes for a wee... that's what caused her to become obese to start with!  She knows that she only gets a treat from me if she asks to go out and poo's... wee's don't cut it with me!

Just set the weekly virus scan going

Cleared my browsers' cache and set it running because we're just having chocolate for lunch today.

Back up my hard drive tomorrow and that's it done for another week!

Oh cool!

If I ordered the 3 supplements I currently take it'd be about £40.  Normally that'd be fine, but I'm spending £400 a month on groceries now so can't afford the £40 on top of that right now.

Just had a look at the Multivitamins and Minerals... everything I need in one tablet for £15.70 including free delivery.  Just need to be sure I can afford it after my bills come out on Monday.

B vitamins, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and even Thiamin which I'm short of as well as vitamins B12 and D all in one tablet for less than half the price I paid for 3 and it's a years supply too!

Simply Supplements are a great company and if you use my name (Amanda George) and email address ( in the referral box we both save 20% on our first (for you) and next (for me) orders too!

Just taken me supplements and my OCD is happy today

Took me supplements in the right order today so my OCD has kept quiet this morning lol

I'm feeling the multi kicking in, the calcium not really and the iron not at all!  Still going to keep taking me supplements though 'cos I feel the difference when I don't take them for a few days!

Going to need some more soon though!  Assuming they don't cost more than £25 all in, I can get them after I've had Patrick's tyres pumped up next week.


I ordered my 3 month PPC last night which'll take me up to August.
£80 a month into B for the next 3 months is £240 plus the £60 that's already in there takes it up to £300.

12 month PPC is £104
SCBWI membership is about £60
Wheelchair insurance in July is £153
That comes to £317 and I can move over just the £17 from NW and I'll be able to afford it as long as I don't spend anything between now and then.

Keep moving over £80 a month between August and October will leave me with £160 in B again.

Namehog stuff is less than £15 in October and less than £10 in November which I'll just take out of NW and leave the money in B ready for next year... 2018 is going to be an expensive year!

Took the pup on a slightly different walk this morning

Took her up to the next house and back twice and the pup was like "ooh!  This is new!" so might chop and change it every few days so that the pup never knows where we'll be walking... either 5 times up and down the original walk or 2 times up and down on the new walk and if there's a car I can use to get me on and off the pavement I'll use a third variety too!

She's 8 years young at the end of June so I guess it's time to mix things up a bit for her.  Gonna give her 3 meals a day too... same amount of food, but a third of it for breakfast, the second third when we've had our lunch and the final third for her tea.

She goes back to eat her breakfast 3 times during the day and eats a third of it at a time so I'm gonna try that to see if it helps her.  I'm taking my lead from her now that she's getting on a bit.  We'll have had her for 7 years in the middle of July... couldn't be without her any more!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I'll be able to afford to get the PPC

Just checked B and I've got just over £60 in there atm, so as long as I don't spend anything else between now and the start of June, I'll be able to afford the 12 month PPC in August as well as the Namehog stuff in October... just got to not spend anything else now!  lol

Wasn't expecting that so soon!

Just had an email to say that my prescription pre-payment certificate will run out at the start of June!

I've just paid for a 3 month one instead of a year long one because I can't afford £124 right now but I will be able to by the time the 3 month one runs out I'll be able to afford it using the money in B assuming I keep putting the £80 a month into that account so that I'm not tempted by things I don't need.

Where is the year going to?!

Just installed an app on me laptop

I take part in market research when I remember to check the email address the invites are sent to.

As part of one of the research dooberries I took part in at the weekend I was invited to install an app on my smartphone that keeps track of where I am and websites I visit and stuff.

It doesn't have access to what emails and texts say and it doesn't record phone calls or log in details or anything.

As a reward for keeping it on my phone I get a £10 Amazon voucher for every month that I keep it installed.

I've just been invited to install it on my laptop too which will earn me another £10 voucher every month.

I've just got to keep my mobile with me and keep my phone and laptop charged up so that it can get the information it needs.  Basically I've just got to forget that the app is installed and use my mobile and laptop like I normally would, with the reward of two £10 Amazon vouchers a month.  I've got no problem with that!  £20 Amazon vouchers every month just for using my smartphone and laptop like I would anyway is fine by me assuming they don't eff up anything on them of course!  lol