Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me three supplements... got two Calcium pills left then it's time to start a new tub/bottle!  Unfortunately the Iron and Multi haven't run out at the same time so I must have started taking them at different times.  I'll need to order some more of the Calcium when I've opened the new bottle but it's frustrating that I can't order all three at the same time.

Not to worry though, that's just how things roll with me sometimes!  lol

Namehog V TSOhosts

Got 3 emails from TSOhosts yesterday afternoon saying that they have re-set my password.

I'm like "huh?"

I went to the Namehog site this morning and the TSOhosts bods have bought out Namehog and they really haven't made a good first impression on me!

They've set all the domain names that I cancelled to auto-renew, I couldn't do anything without accepting their cookies and I couldn't put my debit card into my account for auto renewals.

They've lost a customer now.

I was with Namehog right from the start... getting on for 20 years and they were fantastic.

I contacted TSOhosts about the card not being accepted and apparently it's a known issue that they are working on and will be fixed "shortly".

Well they will "shortly" lose a customer and I'll give them a single star review and recommend everybody avoids them.

Steve's happy with FastHosts so I'm seriously considering changing to them instead 'cos you can pay monthly instead of annually which is more expensive but less of a shock when you get an invoice for £1000 every year for each domains and hostings!

I'm gonna give TSOhosts until the end of the week to sort out the known issue then potentially move to FastHosts.


I finally got to sleep some time after 2am.

I woke up at 8.30am.

I'm more awake, alert and ready to start the day after less than 7 hours sleep, yet when I sleep for 10-12 hours I'm totally wiped out, tired, can barely keep my eyes open and generally feeling bleh... how is that even possible??

Surely after more sleep you feel better and more awake, right?

So why am I not asleep until lunchtime?  Why do I feel more awake with less sleep than I do with more?!

Ho hum!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tomorrow's studying

I'm guessing that because it took 35 hours to finish the DLU course, my tutor won't have expected me to finish it already, so I'm gonna work my way through a short course tomorrow that only lasts for I think it was 3-4 hours.

Then I'll aim to be finished all the free courses by September so that I can totally clear my memory and enrol for a module on childhood and child psychology module starting in October and goes until July but doesn't have an exam just 4 eTMAs so I can work my way through that just to see if my memory is good enough to start a level 1 OU course and take it from there.

For the first time in my life I genuinely think that I'll take things as they come and the module will give me a taste of a Level 1 course so that I will be able to tell if my memory is up to it yet.  I'm not going to pressure myself, I just need to go at my own pace and hope that the OpenLearn courses were a genuine taste of the difficulty level of each course!  If they are then I'll be fine on all the undergraduate courses that don't involve maths and it'll only be the post-graduate courses that I could start to struggle.

I'm not thinking that far ahead though, I just want to get all the free courses over and done with, then see if I get awarded ESA then I'll take it from there.

And it's finished!

I started the course yesterday morning and 35 hours later it's finito!

Some of the questions were a bit confusing because they asked for answers to things that hadn't been covered yet and a couple of links were dead links too, but for a free course I learnt a lot!

Just gotta wait for it to be marked now and I bet I'll fail!  lol

Not bad going for 35 hours studying with brain damage though!  😁

Taken me supplements

The multi got stuck halfway down my throat which made me retch and it's why I can't take capsules or larger pills.  They are all done and dusted for another day now though, thankfully.

Why rather than what I'm studying

Just watching an interview thing with Noel Fitzpatrick (aka the SuperVet) and one of the questions from the audience was what was he like as a vetinary student.

Apparently he was a geek at University, which is fair enough, but the partial sentence that really struck a chord with me was to work out why you're studying, rather than what you're studying.

I'm studying because I want to learn new things and keep my brain active while I'm disabled.  The brain damage has taken most of my memories and I honestly can't remember 5 minutes in the past, let alone anything further in the distance than that.  Yep, totally serious.

Sooo, the reason that I'm studying is to prove to myself that I still can.  That I'm still a passionate person and that just because I'm disabled doesn't mean I can't learn new things.

If I hadn't become disabled, if my brain hadn't been damaged, then I wouldn't have even thought about studying at University level because I would have told you I was too thick and I'd be kicked out in my first week there.

I've taken loads of OpenLearn courses which are University Level short courses and I did well with them.  A few of them were even Post-Graduate courses and I coped OK with those too.

I'm not thick, I just need to have more confidence in myself... need to tell my bullies that they have bugger all control over me any more and that if I get awarded ESA in November then I *will* study with the Open University as long as I choose a course that doesn't have an exam because I know, in my heart of hearts, that right now I would fail because of my brain damage.  I'm not saying that'll be my future, just for a few more years while I re-build my memory through studying is all.

You controlled me for too many years, Bullies, but not any more.  From now on, the only person who tells me what I'm capable of achieving is me and only me.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Started on another course this morning

More than a week after I applied, I was accepted onto my first course with DLU this morning and I've just finished my first assessment with them too!

Just submitted the first unit for marking so it's too late to do anything about it now!

I'm aiming to do one unit a day if I can but I can pretty much guarantee I'll have forgotten today's unit by the time I wake up and come down here tomorrow 'cos of the dratted brain damage!  Tsk!

Ho hum!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

I bet he'll complain about it tomorrow too!

Out of a shop costing £59.45, 40p is for the carrier bags which takes the total down to £59.05 yeah?  Take off £4.20 for my drinks and £25.35 for the mutual stuff leaves £29.50 purely for Steve's stuff.  Over £25 for Steve's stuff than my stuff and he's chosen brand name stuff like Toilet Duck (his choice to increase the price of the mutual dooberries) and Go Ahead bars (purely for him) as well as 2 Onken yoghurts costing £1 each (for him only too) as well as 2 malt loaves purely for him that are brand name (Soreen) and Galaxy Minstrels (for him only) and sausages, doughnuts, 3 lots of cake sandwich stuff etc yet all that I've added is 6 bottles of Sainsburys own brand pop.

Nothing else.

Steve's reasoning?  He put £20 towards the shopping "so we can afford more stuff".  I've put £50 a week aside for the shopping yet my stuff comes to less than a fiver!!

Maybe it's just my maths, but going by Steve's reasoning he should be adding an extra £21 every week *on top of* the money he puts in for his extra's so that it's fairer!

I've got nothing against him adding things to the shopping, but why add brand name stuff when there is the same stuff for less on own brand things?!

Just taken the pup for her walk

I think she's feeling her age because we only went up and down twice today and she's 8 years old so maybe her bones are aching or something?