Friday, 20 April 2018

9 in 6 days

That's me fifth course of the day done and dusted!  Not bad going considering I didn't even start until about 10am today!

8 in 6 days

Just finished my fourth course of the day and I've taken me pills but I'm thinking of doing another course now before I head to bed 'cos I'm still not tired!

Bumble bees

We've just had a beautiful, huge bumble bee fly in through the window, bumble around the living room for a few seconds, then out, got disorientated and flew back in again for a few more seconds then disappeared off on his or her merry way again.

It's been literally years since I last saw a bumble bee and I'd forgotten how big, beautiful and loud they were!

7 in 6 days

Finished my third course of the day... gonna do one more then head to bed for an early night.

6 in 6 days

Just finished me sixth course too.

Thankfully this one made me much less emotional than the previous one!

5 in 6 days

Just finished my fifth level 2 course and it has made me really sad for a couple of the children in the video's!

I'm glad they were recorded and the mum's gave their permission for the recordings to be used on the course and it helps to illustrate one of the points made just before, but it's so sad that the children aren't cared more about by their mum's!

Don't get me wrong, the OU/OpenLearn have done nothing wrong and the researchers didn't do anything wrong at all, it just makes me sad that any child feels like the children in those video's is all!  😔

Supplements taken

Just taken me three supplements and I'm feeling bloated with the squash now!!

Just taken the pup for her walk then fed her

Steve usually takes her down to the postbox and back but I only take her to our neighbours on either side a few times so she was plodding along quite happily until I stopped walking and she kinda looked back at me as if to say "come on then, lets keep going!" but there's no way I can walk that far so we came back to the neighbour on the other side and she looked back at me again in confusion, bless her little furry paws!

When we got home, I took her harness off and fed her while Steve was talking to his boss on the phone.

As a bit of interest to her morning!  lol

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Even more proud of myself now!

Just phoned BC and increased the direct debit to £100 a month starting this month... now that I've paid off CO I can afford the extra £25 a month and I'll have £200 a month more than I had yesterday that I'm gonna save up each month so that I can pay an extra £1000 every 5 months, so hopefully I'll be totally debt free by this time next year!!

My ESA will be taken off me in November now though!  lol

That's the PPI and CO sorted

Phoned the PPI bods this morning and paid what I owed, which made me proud of myself, then I went to get me hair cut and I no longer have a fringe then I came home and cleared one of my credit cards and closed the account, then the debt management bods to let them know too.

That's saved me £25 a month that I'm going to move over to BC then I'll be able to pay another £200 a month extra too and still have £20 left over for myself!

I can so do this!!