Saturday, 20 January 2018


I've been AVG's customer almost from the start.

1998 or 1999 I think it was.

They have helped me twice since last July and they have somehow finally uninstalled McAfee for me that's been on since this laptop was ordered 4 or 5 years ago.

They offer a free version and a paid for version.  I'm using the paid for version and I want to say a huuuuuge thank you to Tam and Mohammed for sorting out the problem I've been having with AVG saying it's not up to date.

I'm now fully protected though, and as soon as I've paid off my two credit cards, I'm going to invest in the error fixing dooberry too, then save up the £100 a month to get Steve a car so that we can finally go over and see my mum again! 

In theory, it's £125 after I paid off SB at the end of last year but that extra £25 can be put towards the shopping and we won't need to rely on Basics stuff!

2018 is an expensive year - £99 for AVG for 3 years protection and loads of Namehog stuff, but if I can make it through this year without going overdrawn then I'll be a happy bunny and my credit score will get out of the red again too!

Yes, £99 is expensive, but it covers you for 3 years for all sorts of viruses and trojans and malware and stuff!  Surely your online safety is worth £33 a year? 

It is for me!

Friday, 19 January 2018

Taken my last AD, because...

I've been taking an AD and AP since I came out of hospital at the start of 2003.

The pharmacy have known since then (as in 1.5 decades) that I'm allergic to dairy.

There have been 2 changes to my prescription since then, both to the AP part, first to the brand name about 5ish years ago and then to reduce the dose last April.  No problem with either of those.

For the last 2 months there has been a problem with the AD part... first off, last month, it took almost a week longer than normal to deliver it because of the supplier and this month they didn't deliver it at all because the manufacturer no longer makes the lactose free version that I've been having for well over a decade.

I've been considering stopping the AD just to see if I still need it, or if I was just low in vitamins, so now that I don't have any more of my AD left, I'll give it a try without and maybe ask about having a regular course of B12 jabs throughout the Winter months 'cos even the first jab in the last course did wonders for me, so I wanna give it a try for a while just to see what happens.

Means that I need to remember to take at least my multi every morning now though, cos I haven't got the back-up of the AD any more!

Supplements taken, virus scan started

The multi has woken me up and improved my mood, same as normal... almost forgot to take them this morning though!

Started the weekly deep scan of my likkle laptop too - totally forgot about that!

All set now though, so I can hopefully wake my muse up and start planning my novel again.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Take a guess what this post is about lol

Taken me supplements again and the multi is already kicking in again - yay!  👍

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just my normal quick post to remind myself that I've taken me supplements!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements again and the multi should be kicking in any second!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and I'll run out of the first bottle of Iron in 7 days time.

I've got the next bottle already lined up 'cos I buy a years supply at a time so I've got 6 months and 1 week left of my supplements now.

I love Simply Supplements and have done for 1.5 decades... I'll never go anywhere else now!  If you want 20% off your first order with them, just put my name (Amanda George) in the box at the checkout and it's all sorted!  If there's more than one of me, just lemme know in the comments bit on this blog and I'll give you my email address!

That's a relief!

Just had a letter from one of my remaining two credit cards asking me to call them to discuss my repayment plan.

I panicked when I read that but found the courage to call them.

Glad I did!  The lady I spoke to went through my monthly outgoings and was happy for me to keep paying what I've been paying for the last year and I've got less than £800 left to pay off the card now so that'll be totally cleared in 32 months so that'll leave me with just the one credit card to pay off which is my biggest balance, but when I've finished paying off CO I'll be able to increase BC up to £100 a month which'll clear it even quicker!

Just gotta stop spending on things we don't need any more - spending has been an addiction for me so I'll prolly always have to battle that demon, but I'm a lot better with that than I used to be, so I've just gotta keep on keeping on now!

I'll only have one more card left to pay off in a couple of years but as long as BC are still happy to have £75 a month instead of the minimum payment, that'll be sorted in a couple of years too!

I can so do this!!

The pup's morning walkies with Steve

The pup made a friend on her walk this morning... apparently someone came out of the flats as they were walking back.

Steve talked to this lady and she spotted Mitzi's lead and asked about it, so Steve explained. Then she spotted the pup's harness and they started talking about Mitzi's Dogs Trust story.

The lady asked how old the pup was and Steve said she's 6 when she's actually 8 and we've had her for 7 years.

The lady bent down to say hello to the pup and Mitzi left a couple of dirty paw marks on her jeans!

Apparently Steve stood there apologising and she was like "no problem at all!" 

It's amazing what can be achieved when you're friendly to your neighbours and you've got a little pup to introduce you!

Mitzi now knows 5 people in the street and 4 of them like her... the other one just isn't worth it... he's got a problem with me, not the pup! She knows both neighbours and one across the street as well as today's lady and they all like her almost as much as we love her!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Just been for Mitzi's second walk of the day

I'm feeling so much better, even though it took a few minutes for Mitzi to jump off the back of the sofa.

We did an extra 200% just now, so all three of us deserve our sleep tonight!  The pup has walked her equivalent of a half marathon today which is so totally awesome!

All three of us are getting some much-needed exercise now which will help us to loose some more weight too.

I won't take her for any more than that every afternoon though, just need to get my Endorphin rush to pick up my mood every morning is all!